Inspirational Women of Virginia

Influential Women who Helped Shape this Great Commonwealth

The story of the suffrage movement in Virginia is an important part of our collective history. To honor the centennial celebration of the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, a wine will be released in February and available in the Tasting Rooms of Effingham Manor & Winery, Pearmund Cellars, and Vint Hill Craft Winery. Each bottle of this handcrafted Virginia wine is a subtle nod to the women of Virginia who seized their moments and created unique paths to independence. Like the women the wine celebrates, history and experience swirl together in a bold, lovely Rosè table wine called Cameo.

Bottles in the Cameo Wine Collection bear the names and likenesses of  twelve different women born in Virginia, and tell a small part of the unique stories that should be told across time, and toasted at tables. A variety of cultures and eras have been curated to share recollections of the fearless, passionate ways each woman lived so that a case of wine will contain twelve different individuals to celebrate. Women like Martha Washington, Pearl Bailey, and Ella Fitzgerald. 

Cases are available for purchase, but the tributes will continue as a new person will be featured at each of the Pearmund trio of wineries for the twelve weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. History lovers and wine enthusiasts alike will enjoy this collection and the stories it tells.

In 2019, Chris Pearmund worked with sixteen Virginia wineries to create a blended wine with grapes from each participating vineyard to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Winemaking in Virginia. A portion of the wine’s proceeds were donated to museums and events that would contribute to tourism in the Commonwealth and foster a broader understanding of Virginia’s cultures and cuisines. This idea sparked another movement to celebrate through wine, and Cameo seemed a perfect way to commemorate the milestone moment in history. 

Cameo Wine Collection was created to highlight women in Virginia, and the memorable events that have unfolded in the Commonwealth that lead to the movement to secure women’s right to vote. Raise a glass and toast the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. 

Each bottle has a label depicting one of the chosen women, who’s contributions range from historic, business, entertainment, and politics, to the world
of wine.

Stay tuned for more updates on this lovely wine!!